To develop

To develop revolving objects, which the senior children presented .

Wonderful blanket Supervision for the sky in the continuous overcast To continue to develop at children of representation about the autumn sky clouds can wrap up all sky, to be such big, what even the sun not it is visible.

To develop attentiveness.

To enrich and make active the dictionary adjectives dense, gray.

To cause interest and desire to observe for in children clouds on own initiative After supervision in to free conversation with children the tutor notes, in what weather happen such clouds .

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We repeat

We repeat lines we open a palm of one hand and forefinger of other hand we stroke it roundabouts.

the same forefinger slightly we press lines small pillows of fingers in time accounts or we stroke each finger from the basis to a small pillow.

We repeat everything for other hand.

Cheerful family Took seat on a bench Uncle Grisha, Uncle Mischa, Father Kolya, Mother Olya, And on hands at the mammy Also Vanya small!

lines we open a palm and close fingers of other hand roundabouts we stroke it.

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Come back

Come back And now it is accurate put and pack the personal place and put it near yourself.

Come back to the places in a class.

Analysis of exercise At what school desk you most often sit in this class?

Who sits near you?

Would you like to change this place from time to time?

Where your favourite place of the house?

Where it is pleasant to you on the street or somewhere in a secluded place more?

And where favourite place of your father or your mother?

And where place of the formmaster and each of teachers?

Whether it is enough in this class of places to be whispered, talk to the soft toys to play sekretik or to hide something?

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If parents

If parents It is necessary to try to understand it, and he will try to understand others too.

It is necessary to flow with children the problems, to ask them council, races to tell them about the experiences.

If at the child is not such communication, it will be indifferent to life of other people.

If parents involve children in all affairs and thus about shchatsya with them, any work will be important for the child.

More often parents simply force children to carry out certain household chores, and work turns into an unpleasant duty.

Thus, in the child the negligent relation to work is brought up.

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